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3 months ago

Andy Keyte

Is any support available from Alisport Swiss for older (2007) gliders? I can't find a working phone number or email. Can anyone tell me how to contact Alisport Swiss? ...

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6 months ago

Alex Essouera

I would like to install oxygen equipment on my Silent 2.
Can you please advise - what is oxygen bottle size fits to the Silent 2 space?
Marry Christmas!!!

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8 months ago

Laminar Aerotec

Die erste Silent2 Electro mit BWS Mückenputzern Silent 2 Electro Austria ...

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a short Video about my landing during a beautiful sunset following a marvellous glider flight some days ago. I landed on RWY33 of Linz-Ost airfield, completely satisfied for that day 😀 ...

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A new upgrade for this gliding season. I have installed electrical Bugwipers from Laminar Aerotec (former BWS Parker and Storka) on my Silent 2 Electro Glider.
During long thermal flights bugs are smashed on the leading edge of gliders, causing small turbulences. These lead to increased drag and a worse glide ratio.
The bugwipers are designed to peel the remains of the bugs off, to have a clean leading edge again. So that the full performance of the Glider is re-established.

This is a short video of the first testrun. Looking forward to test them in the next cross-country flight 😀

#laminaraerotec #BWSbugwipers #silent2electro #boostyourperformance

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